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Many variables can come into play when determining the value of your RV mobile home park. It’s critical to understand what goes into correctly valuing your mobile home park if you want to get top dollar when it’s time to sell. This will teach you How Do I Sell My Mobile Home RV Park and get top-dollar offers. Read on for tips on gathering market data, identifying key features and amenities that add value, and get you more money from a possible buyer when it comes time to sell.

Location – Proximity To Major Highways, Public Transportation, Shopping And Other Amenities

Selling a mobile home park can be daunting, but the process can be simple if you’re work with the right broker. The location of the park, utility set up, and park size are going to appeal to different investors. We have one of the largest MHP/RV park buyer databases in the county. Whether you’re close to major highways or your closest grocery store is 20 minutes away, we have the perfect buyer for your park. Many of our buyers are past clients who we’ve worked with several times. We’ve screened all of them to ensure they will pay top dollar without wasting your time. In many cases we can handle a private sale without even listing the park.

Size – The Size Of The Park, Number Of Available Lots, And Amount Of Land Area

When it comes to selling your park, size matters. Many investors prefer parks 50 pads and higher but there are other investors willing to purchase much smaller parks. Some investors are willing to take on large infill projects and aren’t afraid to purchase hundreds of new mobile homes at a time. They have a proven track record of tackling large infrastructure repairs, like replacing entire water/sewer lines, putting in new roads or even redeveloping an old park into a brand new one. Other MHP operators prefer to purchase turnkey parks that don’t need large capital improvements. Whatever type of park you have, we’re sure to have the perfect buyer who can get to the finish line quickly so you can enjoy the next phase of your life.

Maintenance – Regular Upkeep Of The Property’s Features, Such As Landscaping And Parking Lot Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a park, regular upkeep of the property’s features, such as landscaping and parking lot maintenance, are essential. Not only do they help keep the park looking inviting, but they also contribute to its overall safety and functionality. Taking care of these aspects can go a long way in keeping potential buyers interested in your park. Once we connect, we can strategize about what upgrades or small improvements can be done to obtain top dollar for your park.

Final Thoughts

Are you thinking about “How Do I Sell My Mobile Home RV Park”? Mr. Mobile Home Park has everything you need to structure a sale that will get you top dollar without the high brokerage fees. Many of the sellers we work with never have to list their properties or make the sale public. Simply put, we know who the real buyers are and well bring them to you. Our buyers will pay us so you won’t have to. This enables you to keep more money in your pocket. Get all the benefits of working with a broker without the high cost.

We’re here to help you through the entire sales process, step by step. Come see why we are the #1 resource for sellers to get top dollar for their parks.