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Frequently  Asked Questions

Below are some of the top questions frequently asked questions that should help you. If you have more questions we would be happy to answer them. You can schedule a call or use our secure contact form below to drop us an email.

Why would you work for free? Nobody does anything without being paid.

This is the question I get every day. Nobody works for free. This is true. My list of qualified and repeat buyers is extensive. They are willing to pay me a fee on every closed deal that I bring them. My buyers include large institutional groups, regional groups, and even smaller operators who currently own MHP and RV parks. 

You will pay me nothing. My buyers have already agreed to pay my fee and that fee is paid to me on closing the closing day. I get paid the day you do. . 

You have worked hard to get your park to where it is today. You shouldn’t have to pay a commission of 3-6% to put a listing online. Paying a broker $50,000, $100,000 or $150,0000 to help you sell your park is something you do not have to do when you work with me.    

I get calls and letters weekly from people who want to buy my park? Why do I need your help?

Buyers are everywhere! You certainly don’t need my help in finding a buyer for your park. 

However, you do need my help in finding the RIGHT BUYER for the park. There are many buyers who seem interested at first. They will quickly agree to your price and give you a contract. Many times, during the due diligence process, they will try to renegotiate the deal to get a steep discount. In many cases, they can't find the money to close on the park or they don’t have any experience in operating parks. They may waste three or four months of your time simply kicking tires. I’ve seen unqualified groups walk away weeks or even days before the scheduled closing date. Unfortunately, this is commonplace if you deal with the wrong types of buyers. 

My list of qualified buyers are not just any real estate investors. They are committed to only buying MHP and RV parks. This means they know how to evaluate opportunities, operate parks on a large scale and how to infill parks that need more homes. They aren’t afraid of large projects that may need water and sewer/septic lines replaced. Many will even buy parks that are close to being empty since they can turn parks around quickly.  

I have the qualified buyers who will do what they say. They have cash, own several parks, and all of them are aggressively looking to grow their MHP/RV holdings. My clients aren’t just buyers for your park. They are the best and most qualified groups in the country for a possible transaction.

How do I know I will get a fair price?
I will bring your park to hundreds of capable buyers. Many can pay cash and won't need a bank to finance the deal. 

All of these buyers are vetted and many are repeat clients of mine. 

If you don’t like any of the offers I present, you don’t have to sign the contract. It’s that simple.

No six or twelve-month listing agreement to sign. No commitment from you.

I have helped facilitate the sale of almost 100 parks since 2015 and my list of national buyers is extensive. They operate in every state in the US and some own parks in Canada as well.

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